Dr. Qusay  Salem

Dr. Qusay Salem

Assistant professor

Qusay Salem received the PhD degree in Electrical Power and Energy Engineering from University of Ulm – Germany, in 2020. Currently, he serves as an Assistant Professor with the Department of Electrical Engineering at Princess Sumaya University for Technology. His research interests include power control and energy management in low voltage smart microgrids, islanding detection schemes, modelling and control of single and three phase DG converters. Dr Salem is providing his experience assisting senior professors and mentoring students in the field of Electrical Power and Energy Engineering. He is an intelligent and enthusiastic educator committed to helping students accomplish academic goals. He is skilled at explaining material and concepts to address varied learning levels and modalities and an active researcher with a group of seniors in his field.

Contact Details

Telephone: (06) 535 9949 Ext.5537

Email: [email protected]

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