Human Resources Department


The Human Resources Department implements and follows up on the university's policies and procedures. It is also a department that communicates with the academic and administrative staff the most. It seeks to provide highly efficient and flexible services to ensure an outstanding level of employee satisfaction.


The Human Resources Department believes that excellence in education can only be achieved through providing and integrating the efforts of the academic and administrative staff. Therefore, the department strives to provide the best services for the university staff and furnish a developed and motivating work environment to build teamwork that can be a successful partner and a resource through which the university achieves its goals.



Developing work methods and using modern technologies to achieve high qualitative and quantitative performance and creating a positive work environment that promotes fair and supportive foundations for best operation and achievement.


 The Governing Values of the Department

The department adopts a set of administrative and ethical controls that can be an essential pillar for the department’s success to achieve its vision and mission and help maintain excellence and leadership:

  • Justice and Integrity: Commitment to objectivity, impartiality, and reservation of employees’ rights.
  • Transparency: Clarity of procedures and granting of individual and collective responsibility and leadership that help make decisions.
  • Quality and Excellence: Applying quality standards and adhering to the department's procedures manual.
  • Cooperation and teamwork: Developing teamwork and promoting the culture of teamwork.
  • Responsibility and accountability: Setting a clear frame of tasks and responsibilities through which supervision and accountability mechanisms can be developed.
  • Professionalism: Ability to demonstrate specialized knowledge, skill, and competence.



  • Carrying out and following up the decisions of the Deans Council (appointments, transfers, promotion, resignation...).
  • Setting agendas, handling applications, and making invitations recommended by the Personnel Affairs Committee, holding meetings, recording minutes, and carrying out the decisions issued by the committee.
  • Posting advertisements, attracting competent candidates, studying applications, and sending apology letters to those who are disqualified.
  • Preparing contracts, following up on new employee appointments, and renewing contracts.
  • Preparing training plans for the administrative staff, and carrying out and following up all its procedures.
  • Following up on the annual evaluation of the administrative staff, and acting accordingly.
  • Administering and following up scholarship procedures.
  • Following up on pertinent instructions to employees’ working hours and leaves of all kinds.
  • Issuing designated letters for the academic and administrative staff, such as experience certificates, To Whom It May Concern, and letters for embassies.
  • Carrying out all monthly procedures (annual increase, promotion, resume of work, deduction, transfer, ...).
  • Following up on the day laborers’ affairs, including work hours, vacations, overtime work..., and preparing their monthly payrolls.
  • Following up on overtime/leave
  • Administering the newly-opened centers (departments/ schools/ departments/...).
  • Giving access to the Internet, devices, and employee services, and creating an email for new employees.


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