Student Complaints Policy

Any individual enrolled at the university with a university identification number, regardless of their enrolment status, at the time of filing a complaint or when the issue arises, and without a family member or representative acting on their behalf

Any written and signed complaint by a student detailing an incident that breaches university policies, practices, principles, etc.

Types of Complaints:

The submitted complaint can fall into one of the following categories:





  • Complaint Filing Stage:

-Students are directed to submit a formal complaint using the approved form if concerns, complexity, or danger cannot be resolved informally.

-The submitted complaint will be considered, and it is the responsibility of the student to provide all relevant evidence or witnesses supporting the complaint. Any additional evidence should be provided promptly.

-The university-appointed committee reviews all submitted evidence, seeks more information as needed, conducts necessary interviews, identifies the problem and its cause, and makes required recommendations within two weeks of receiving the complaint.

-The complainant will be notified of the decision within a maximum of two weeks from the date of submitting the complaint through official channels.

  • The Appeal Stage:

If the student who lodged the complaint remains dissatisfied with the University-appointed committee's decision and is unconvinced by it, they may appeal to the University President or their representative. This appeal must be made within 10 working days of receiving the result of the complaint. The decision reached at this point is deemed final, and the student will be notified of the outcome within 15 days of submitting the objection.


  • Complete the designated electronic complaint form available on the university’s official page.
  • Ensure prompt submission of the complaint to enhance effectiveness and facilitate immediate resolution, within a maximum of one week from the issue’s occurrence.
  • The received complaint is promptly transferred to the relevant people.
  • The committee diligently collects and officially communicates responses to the complainants.
  • Complaints are thoroughly and promptly investigated with fairness and equity.

  • Anonymous complaints cannot be addressed.
  • The status of being a complainant will not be recorded in the student's academic records.
  • The complainant's identity will remain confidential, and the complaint will be handled by the relevant parties exclusively.
  • Filing a complaint will not result in any adverse actions or repercussions for the individual.

To file a complaint , please fill out the Official Form