El-Hassan Library

Overview of El Hassan Library

El Hassan Library has been playing an essential role in serving students and researchers since the university was first founded. It lends support to academic activities by providing essential assistance to students, staff, and researchers. The library offers access to the world of knowledge, whether it be online, in print, or through other resources, and the library staff members are on hand to provide the instruction and support needed to make optimum utilization of the resources.

Our fundamental objective is to acquire and maintain high-quality collections and make them accessible to all users by carefully conducting effective resource management. 

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Workshops and Events

News Dec 7, 2022


News of El-Hassan Library new collections, electronic resources, and events will be listed here.

Upcoming Workshops & Events Dec 7, 2022

Upcoming Workshops & Events

Upcoming Workshops and events will be listed here. As soon as a workshop is arranged you can register using attached link.