Student Council

The Student Council is an elected council of university students chosen by their fellow students according to academic discipline. The role of those elected is to represent their fellow students in various aspects during their educational careers. Its members are elected annually via one-day elections which are held on the PSUT campus during the Second Semester of each academic year. The elections are run in an atmosphere of transparency, integrity, love, harmony, and collaboration among the students.


Objectives and Responsibilities

  • The Student Council aims to achieve the following:
  • Provide an organized framework for students to express themselves and work as a team, which allows them to express their needs, demands and problems through an organized and meaningful interaction with the university administration and its employees.
  • Develop team spirit and organized teamwork among students.
  • Develop a sense of responsibility, solidarity and the ability to self-regulate among students.
  • Organize and promote extracurricular activities for students.
  • Build and hone students’ national collective awareness and prepare young leaders equipped to play an active role in their society.
  • Convey students' concerns, problems and issues, and present their proposed solutions to the university administration.
  • Contribute to the organization of periodic meetings between the university’s students, authorities, and employees.
  • Represent PSUT’s students in activities, delegations, conferences, and visits outside the university.