Welcome Message

El Hassan Library has been playing an essential role in serving students and researchers since the university was first founded. It lends support to academic activities by providing essential assistance to students, staff, and researchers. The library offers access to the world of knowledge, whether it be online, in print, or through other media, and the library staff members are on hand to provide the instruction and support needed to make optimum utilization of the resources.

Our fundamental objective is to acquire and maintain high-quality collections and make them accessible to all users by carefully cataloging them and conducting effective resource management. Furthermore, we seek to create a sustainable learning environment where employees, students, and academics feel comfortable to pursue their studies and research activities. We play a vital role in ensuring that the available resources meet researchers' demands to help them generate world-class research that will serve our university’s research performance.


Furthermore, the library strives to go beyond the traditional and stereotypical role of the university library and to continuously review its assigned role. To keep abreast of the continuous development of the teaching and research process at the university, we are working hard in collaboration with PSUT’s Schools to accommodate the academic plans and programs and support them with up-to-date materials, classified according to their fields of knowledge.

We have also provided quiet and well-designed study spaces at the library building, in addition to group study spaces that can be booked in advance. These study spaces are ideal for students who wish to work on team assignments, hold group gatherings, and conduct coursework discussions.