Dr. Hani Ahmad

Dr. Hani Ahmad

Associate professor

Dr. Hani Ahmad is the computer engineering department head and an associate professor of Electrical Engineering at PSUT, Amman, Jordan. Hani earned his Ph.D. in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from Arizona State University (ASU), M.Sc. in Computer Information Engineering and M.Sc. in Computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology, M.Sc. in Business Administration from ASU, and a B.Sc Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Jordan. Before joining PSUT, Dr. Hani had 17 years of industry experience as a systems engineer in telecommunications and transistor-level design of mixed-signal electronic circuits focusing on power management integrated circuits (PMIC). Hani worked for QUALCOMM, Intel, Linear Technologies, Ciena, Cisco Systems, and Bellcore, all in the USA. Hani has several publications in international Journals and conferences, including a US-granted patent and two other pending patents. Hani also serves as an instructor in the PSUT- University of Arizona Engineering Management joint program.

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Telephone: (06) 535 9949 Ext. 5505 / 5536

Email: [email protected]

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