Eng. Abdulghani Aljundi

Eng. Abdulghani Aljundi

Laboratory Supervisor at King Abdullah II School of Engineering

_________________________________________________________________________________ Eng. Abdulghani Aljundi holds a BA in Electrical Power and Energy Engineering from Princess Sumaya University for Technology in 2021. He also received a scholarship to pursue his postgraduate studies at Princess Sumaya University for Technology for a Master's in Electrical Engineering in 2022. He worked as a research and teaching assistant at the university for a year. Eng. Abdulghani has a multidisciplinary range of knowledge in the field of power engineering and posses multiple hard skills. Since joining PSUT in 2023, he has worked as a lab supervisor and instructor for the Electric Machinery Lab and Power Electronics Lab in King Abdallah II School of Engineering, Electrical Engineering Department. Eng. Abdulghani is constantly committed to his own development and aspires to be among the best in his field.

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Telephone: (06) 535 9949 Ext.5585

Email: [email protected]

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