Princess Sumaya University of Technology honors Its graduate and Replit company founder, Amjad Masad

Jul 11, 2023

Princess Sumaya University for Technology honered Amjad Masad, a distinguished computer science graduate of PSUT in 2010. Masad who serves as the founder and current CEO of Replit, a company that has recently partnered with global giant Google to enhance the experience of software learning and development.

At the outset of the meeting, Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, the university president, extended a warm welcome to Amjad Masad. The president's greeting took place in the presence of Prof. Bassam Hammo, the University Vice President for Administrative Affairs. The event was attended also by esteemed members of the University's Council of Deans, faculty professors, and students. Additionally, several university graduates and family members of Amjad Massad were present. The president expressed the university's pride in Amjad Masad's achievements on a global level. Prof. Abu Elhaija also highlighted that his excellence reflects the pioneering and creative environment provided by the university to its students, aligning with the vision of Her Highness Princess Sumaya bint El-Hassan, the Chairman of the University's Board of Trustees.

Prof. Ashraf Ahmed, the Dean of King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, expressed his pride and admiration in Amjad's achievements, who has become a role model in the field of computing and application development.

During his dynamic conversation with the students, characterized by its spontaneous nature, Masad reviewed his experience in the programming world and his journey over the past 12 years. He shared how he utilized his time to transform his ideas into practical business opportunities, ultimately establishing himself as a leading figure in the field of programming and global application development. He mentioned working with major global companies such as Google and founding his current company, Replit, in 2016, located in San Francisco, USA, which now has a market value exceeding one billion dollars. The company focuses on integrated programming, aiming to make programming more convenient and accessible for everyone. He emphasized that the company continues to develop its products and recently launched its own dedicated application tailored for creating applications and websites.

Amjad conveyed his deep pride in being a graduate of the university, which equipped him with both academic knowledge and practical skills that had a significant impact on his creativity and innovation.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Prof. Abu Elhaija, the university president, honored Amjad Masad. This recognition reflects the university's pride and admiration for its students' achievements, including the establishment of specialized companies on a global level.

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