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Princess Sumaya University for Technology wins the first place in the National Information Security Competition “JUST-CTF-V4”

Mar 16, 2023

 Princess Sumaya University for Technology won first place in the 4th National Information Security Competition “JUST-CTF-V4”. It also won the 3rd, 5th and 10th places in this competition which was organized by the Jordan University of Science and Technology with the participation of more than 250 students representing 70 teams from various Jordanian public and private universities and other institutions.

Luigi's team, which won 1st place, included Ahmed Al-Jundi, Omar Hamada, Hamza Al-Saht, and Nizar Al-Daradkeh. The CBL team, Hamza Nour, Basil Tahboub, Ziyad Al-Sharif, and Fawwaz Al-Khalidi, won the 3rd place while the M0ther5h1p team, which ranked 5th included Saif Al-Naimat, Saleh Al-Hunaidi, Mustafa Al-Shawa, and Muhammad Al-Saadi. The FL4G5_L34K3D team, Youssef Nahia, Muhannad Owais, Ali Khalil, and Majd Abu Dosh, won the 10th place.

PSUT president, Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, appreciated the victory of the university's students. The president pointed out that PSUT students are ambassadors in all local and international forums, stressing that the victory shows the excellence of our students who maintain high academic achievement and continuous presence in local and international programming competitions, which contributes to the development of their academic achievement and improves their practical skills. She added that the university supports its distinguished pioneering student who maintain PSUT’s reputation and prestige at the local and international levels.

The Dean of the King Hussein School for Computing Sciences, Dr. Ashraf Ahmed, expressed his pride of the winning students who strive hard to represent the university in the best way that reflects the programs offered by the school and the programming skills that the students enjoy. The dean indicated that the competition aims to strengthen students' skills in the field of cybersecurity, and increase their employment opportunities in the information technology sector, as it included a series of challenges that require professional skills.

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