Princess Sumaya University for Technology Secures First Place in Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition

Nov 20, 2023

The Princess Sumaya University for Technology team secured first place in the regional qualifiers for the Middle East, Africa, and Europe in the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) competition, USA. This event focuses on cybersecurity through the Collegiate Penetration Testing Competition (CPTC). As a result, the team has qualified for the finals at RIT University in New York, scheduled for January 2024.

This competition is a worldwide cybersecurity event where top international universities from 8 global regions participate. It receives support and sponsorship from IBM International and other companies. In this competition, teams analyze the networks of specific institutions, aiming to identify security vulnerabilities and potential breaches. They then submit a detailed technical report to the institution, which is assessed by professional arbitrators. Only 15 teams from around the world qualify for this prestigious competition, with a majority coming from esteemed universities in the USA.

The qualified team consisted of faculty and students from the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences and the King Abdullah II School of Engineering. Team members included Nizar Al-Dradakah, Sami Al-Hajj, Hamza Sahat, Ahmad Al-Jundi, Mustafa Al-Shawwa, and Omar Hamada. The team's supervisor was Dr. Mohammad Ababneh. Additional support was provided by the Cybersecurity Club at the university, which encompasses students from the Schools of Engineering and Computing Sciences. Some members from the previous team, despite graduating, continue to contribute their expertise to the current team.

It's noteworthy that securing first place in the region for the third consecutive time and qualifying for the finals for the fourth consecutive time is a remarkable achievement. In the previous finals held in Rochester, New York, the team emerged victorious and was honored with the Best OSINT Award.

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