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Princess Sumaya University for Technology honors its students who manage to combine studying and working concurrently

May 23, 2023

Under the auspices of the President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, the Fifth Forum was held for students who combine study and work. The forum was organized by the Career Guidance Office at the Deanship of Admission and Registration. During the opening ceremony, Prof. Bassam Hammo, the University Vice President for Administrative Affairs, honored university students from the undergraduate and graduate levels who balance their studies with employment. The event was also attended by Prof. Abdel Ghafoor Al Saidi, the Dean of Admissions and Registration, as well as a number of school deans and professors.

Dr. Al Saidi, the Dean of Admissions and Registration, emphasized that the annual organization of this forum by the Career Guidance Office serves as a platform to inspire university students to embrace the practical aspects of life alongside their academic endeavors. The forum aims to establish a direct link to the labor market so students can integrate their academic knowledge with real-world experiences. The primary objective of the forum lies in enhancing the students’ skills and competencies in alignment with the evolving demands of the labor market, while concurrently upholding their academic achievements.

During the event, Baraa Odeh and Danielle Tawil, two students, shared their personal journeys of balancing work and study, they highlighted the valuable opportunities provided by the university. These opportunities enable students to establish direct connections with the labor market in both the public and private sectors, empowering them to make the most of these opportunities as they shape the future they aspire to build.

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