GameFest Hackathon Concludes at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Mar 16, 2024
The first edition of the Game Fest hackathon competition, themed “Environmental Awareness and Water Security,” concluded at Princess Sumaya University for Technology.
The PSUT team clinched the top spot, followed by a joint team from Hashemite University and Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan in second place. Al-Balqa Applied University's team secured third place in the hackathon organized by the Department of Computer Graphics and Animations at King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, in collaboration with the American Embassy in Jordan. The event witnessed participation from 14 public and private universities, as well as the Royal Scientific Society, spanning two days and aimed to raise awareness about environmental challenges and the importance of water security.
The President of the University, Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, commented during the closing ceremony that the competition showcases the spirit of cooperation and creativity among Jordanian university students. They exerted great effort to develop games centered around crucial issues such as water scarcity and environmental preservation.
 Prof. Abu Elhaija highlighted that the competition wasn't just for programmers. Instead, it united young talents with unique ideas to tackle significant environmental issues through gaming. Abu Elhaija praised this collaboration, which combines various skills and knowledge, leading to the creation of impactful educational tools for change.
Prof. Abu Elhaija emphasized the significant presence of female students in the competition, coinciding with International Women’s Day. She underscored their essential role in the fields of technology and innovation, aligning with the vision of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El-Hassan to empower women in science and technology for continuous progress and innovation.
Prof. Abu Elhaija also commended the Computer Graphics Department for its invaluable contribution, highlighting its pivotal role in guiding participants and leveraging the department's expertise in game development.
At the closing ceremony, Ms. Stefanie Altman-Winans, Public Affairs Counselor at U.S. Embassy Amman told participants: “Stay connected and use your incredible power and energy to forge lifelong partnerships - partnerships with each other, partnerships between universities, and partnerships with the U.S. embassy. This year we celebrate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the partnership between the U.S. and Jordan. The United States remains committed to working with Jordan to find solutions to the challenge of water scarcity, from building water canals, and funding the development of water system projects, to encouraging youth like you to use your skills to create lasting, positive change for the environment. Throughout the years, we have stood side-by-side as partners, allies, and friends, and I am very proud to continue that tradition today. “
Ms. Altman-Winans emphasized the importance of forging partnerships and cooperation among young people and their communities by noting: “Our goal in this hackathon was not merely to improve skills, but also to foster lasting connections and impacts within your community. We believe that by collaborating with the brightest minds, that is all of you, you’ll not only gain insights into digital innovation but also become part of a community that extends beyond your university. “
Dr. Ammar Odeh, Director of the university's Consultation and Training Center and organizer of the competition, highlighted the diverse participation in the hackathon. He emphasized the participants’ collective efforts and skills in developing effective and sustainable designs and solutions to address the societal issue of “environmental awareness and ensuring water security.”
It is noteworthy that the judging panel comprised experts and professionals with backgrounds in computer graphics, scientific research, and environmental sustainability.
The closing ceremony was attended by the University’s Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Bassam Hammo, the President’s Advisor for Student’s Success and Retention, Prof. Abdul Ghafour Al-Saidi, as well as various school deans, faculty members from the King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, and representatives from the American Embassy in Jordan.
At the ceremony's conclusion, University President Prof. Abu Elhaija recognized the winning teams and the judges.
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