Princess Sumaya University for Technology is currently exploring the most effective methods to utilize ChatGPT in both the teaching and scientific research processes

Apr 10, 2023

Princess Sumaya University for Technology has formed a specialized committee, chaired by Dr. Jafar Al-Saraireh, a Professor of Computer Science, and a group of faculty members specializing in computer science and artificial intelligence, to study the most appropriate ways to utilize ChatGPT in the teaching and research processes, as well as how to overcome its potential challenges, particularly with the emerging of some ethical/academic concerns regarding its use, such as how simple it is for students to create summaries in their assignments and scientific research duties.

PSUT president, Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, stated that in recognition of the fact that students, faculty members, and employees will use artificial intelligence and ChatGPT technology, and in response to these challenges, PSUT has formed a committee to conduct studies on how to utilize these technologies, how to avoid their potential harm, and to understand students’ use of these tools, with the aim to start drafting the required regulations for approval by the Deans' Council.

Because university students are likely to interact with these tools, faculty members will need to carefully consider how to adapt to this idea in accordance with the regulations  to be issued soon. The university wants its students to learn how to use artificial intelligence tools positively, as it will be part of their professional life when they enter the job market.

In her meeting with the school deans, Prof. Abu Elhaija emphasized the importance of empowering students to use modern technology, adapt to it and promote ethical practices when dealing with it, in line with the university's vision. Prof. Abu Elhaija also stated that the university should not ignore or conceal the use of AI technology, but rather should adapt it in a way that serves the educational process in accordance with the international regulations for the ethics of Science and Technology, as well as the Charter of Ethics of Science and Technology in the Arab region. This is especially important since the university established a "Scientific Research Ethics Unit" in 2019.

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