Cybersecurity Scientific Day at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Jan 13, 2024

Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, inaugurated the Cybersecurity Scientific Day organized by the Deanship of King Hussein School of Computing Sciences. The event saw the attendance of key individuals, including Prof. Ahmad Hiasat, Chairman of the National Cyber Security Council, Eng. Bassam Maharmeh, President of the National Cybersecurity Center, Eng. Bilal Hafnawi, Commissioner at the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, and Mr. Tamer Al-Ajrami from the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA–Amman). It also drew the participation of various cybersecurity companies, school deans, faculty members, and students.

Dr. Firas Al-Ghanem, the Dean of King Hussein School of Computing Sciences, emphasized the importance of hosting the “Cybersecurity Day” event. He stated that organizing such gatherings, where students and professors meet with guests from various sectors, reflects the deanship's strong belief in the significance of these scientific activities. These events are deemed essential to enhance the educational and research processes, facilitate the exchange of experiences, and explore into the latest findings from specialists across diverse cybersecurity fields.

Dr. Firas highlighted that Princess Sumaya University for Technology leads in shaping cyberspace and establishing scientific frameworks for a secure digital ecosystem. The university achieves this by educating future generations through cybersecurity specialists, publishing research in prestigious journals, and implementing practical projects. The university has also excelled in significant local, regional, and international competitions, contributing to the development of the cybersecurity sector in collaboration with public and private institutions. This aligns with the vision of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the University Board of Trustees, to strengthen the role of technology and nurturing a generation capable of addressing cybersecurity challenges on both local and global levels.

Dr. Mostafa Al-Fayoumi, Head of the Cybersecurity Department, highlighted the crucial role of information technology and cybersecurity in Jordan's ongoing digital transformation. He emphasized the significance of strengthening digital infrastructure and developing technical skills in cybersecurity are now key components of this transformation. Dr. Al-Fayoumi underscored the need for developing advanced strategies and legislation to secure cyberspace, utilizing modern technologies to enhance security and tackle cyber challenges effectively.

The scientific day included two discussion sessions. The first, led by Prof. Mohammad Al-Nabhan, delved into cybersecurity strategies and legislation in Jordan. The second session, moderated by Prof. Ali Al-Haj, explored professions in the field of cybersecurity. These sessions witnessed active participation from company directors at SMT, Inspire, Green Circle, Estara, and the manager of Orange Academy.

At the Cybersecurity Scientific Day, the Cybersecurity Department showcased some excellent graduation projects, and during this event, University President Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija and the National Cybersecurity Center President Eng. Bassam Maharmeh signed a memorandum of understanding. This agreement strengthens joint cooperation in academic, scientific, and research areas, aiming to establish an effective national-level cybersecurity system. The signing ceremony was attended by Prof. Ahmad Hiasat, Chairman of the National Cyber Security Council, Prof. Bassam Hammo, Vice President of the University for Administrative Affairs, several members of the Deans' Council, and specialists from both parties.

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