Prof. Walid Salameh

Prof. Walid Salameh


Walid A. Salameh is a Professor in Computer Engineering at Princess Sumaya University for Technology. He has published more than 65 scientific papers and four academic books. His research interests are in the areas of computer networks, neural networks, machine learning, robotics, and data science. He is a member of many international refereed journals, as well as his membership and presidency of many national and regional councils and committees. He is a senior advisor for digital transformation in the Arab Federation for Digital Economy and the Association of Arab Universities of the League of Arab States, and a consultant for information technology and artificial intelligence in international and regional organizations. Former Vice President for Academic Affairs-PSUTFormer Dean for Graduate Studies-PSUTFormer Dean for Scientific Research-PSUTFormer Dean for King Hussein School for Computing-PSUTVisiting Professor at NY, ASU, AAUCoordinator of UNAM, MEDAWEL, TEJ, and RISE EU-Funded projectContact Person for EU-CBC-MED and Horizon2020 Projects

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