Dr. Ammar Elhassan

Dr. Ammar Elhassan

Associate Professor

Dr. Ammar (El-Hassan) Al Rashdan received his doctorate from Surrey University, UK in 2001 and has extensive academic, admin and industrial experience in the UK, MENA region and Jordan. He has worked as professor, college dean as well as department chair in for over 15 years. Dr. Al Rashdan is a Quality Assurance and Academic Accreditation expert; creating a synergy between his commercial IT development experience, advances in education and research. Promoting the value of information from QA data, he has developed Data Management Systems for accreditation and published research in machine learning for closing the loop in the learning process.Currently, Dr. Al Rashdan is an Associate Professor of Computer Science at King Hussein College of Computing Sciences where he is teaching Programming, Database and Data Science courses at degree and Masters levels as well as leading the college efforts in local, regional and international accreditation, this is in addition to supervision of Masters students in Computing and Data Science.

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