Intelligent Systems Research Group

The group is interested in conducting research on applying intelligent systems across different domains. This includes healthcare disease prediction, power systems, industrial manufacturing, and, specifically, the area of wafermaps defect classification.

Areas of Focus

  • Applications of AI & ML in healthcare, industrial manufacturing, and power systems
  • UAVs modeling and route planning.
  • Deep learning applications in security.
  • Hardware Design optimization for AI and ML Applications.
  • Intelligent traffic modeling and optimization.

Intelligent Systems Research Group


YEAR Title Author Download Link
2024 Probabilistic Modeling and Simulation of Drivers’ Lane Selection and its Impact on Highway Traffic using Fuzzy-Based Decision-Making Rajaa Alqudah, Amjed Al-Mousa, Ayman Faza PDF PPT Link
2024 A Machine Learning-Based Approach for Wait-Time Estimation in Healthcare Facilities with Multi-Stage Queues Amjed Al-Mousa, Hamza Al-Zubaidi, Mohammad Al-Dweik PDF PPT Link
2024 Optimal PMU Placement for Fault Classification and Localization Using Enhanced Feature Selection in Machine Learning Algorithms Ayman Faza, Amjed Al-Mousa, Rajaa Alqudah PDF PPT Link
2023 Uniform Resource Locator Classification Using Classical Machine Learning & Deep Learning Techniques Aws Rayyan, Mohammad Ghassan Aburas, Amjed Al-Mousa PDF PPT Link
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