Master's Degree in Data Science

Masters program designed to prepare its graduates for the growing market needs for Data Science. The program is designed to provide the theoretical base and practical implementation needed to process and model data.

During this two-year master program in Data Science, PSUT prepares the students for the dynamic and expanding world of data science and big data. Graduate students will acquire the skills necessary to help enterprise-level companies harness data and discover insights for competitive advantages. Students who graduate from this program are capable of predictive analytics, analyze structured and unstructured data, create data-driven intelligent models.

In persuing this program students can follow one of two tracks:

1-  A comprehensive exam track, in which after students finish 34 credit hours of required and elective courses, they take a comprehensive exam in the most important topics of the program which qualifies the student for the Master’s degree in data science.

2-  A thesis track, students are required to finish 25 credit hours of required and elective courses and then conduct a research oriented thesis (9 credit hours). Successfully completing the courses and thesis qualifies the student for a Master’s degree in data science. 

Master's Degree in Data Science

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