Master's Degree in Data Science


The data science master’s program aims to address the growing market demand for qualified professionals
in the field of growing field of data science. This program prepares the students for the dynamic and expanding field
of Data Science by providing them with the theoretical base and the technical training needed to approach and
address the challenges presented by the local and regional market place.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

1. Prepare students meet the local and regional market’s needs in the growing field of data science, develop
strategies to meet and address the challenges ever increasing amounts of data produced.
2. Enable students to continuously self-learn and enhance their skills, adopting new techniques and methods,
and advancing in postgraduate studies.
3. Prepare specialized and qualified scholars to meet Jordan's needs in data science research and the
requirements of the labor market in higher education locally and regionally.

Student Outcomes

Upon completing the program, students are expected to be able to:
1. Analyze and apply computing and modeling principles to find relevant data science solutions.

2. The ability to design, implement and evaluate computing-based solutions to meet a range of computing
requirements related to data science
3. The ability to communicate effectively within a diverse work group related to the professional framework.
4. Conduct scholarly research to apply concepts of computing and data modeling to contemporary issues
5. The ability to apply the theories and fundamentals of data science to produce solutions based on artificial