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TEDxPSUT conference at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

Mar 22, 2023

On behalf of Her Royal Highness Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chair of the Board of Trustees of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, PSUT president Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija inaugurated the TEDxPSUT conference which simulates the well-known world TED conference. This year, TEDxPSUT conference is titled Ideas Worth of Spreading and addresses those ideas that need to be spread in local communities and around the world.

A hundred students from various Jordanian universities participated in the conference, and (14) speakers gave talks on several topics: artificial intelligence, machine learning, modern medicine, automation of robots, use of science fiction in making future films, cyberattacks and the dangers of the development of artificial intelligence.

In the event that was attended by the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Prof. Dr. Bassam Hammo, the Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Rami Salem, and a number of PSUT deans, Abu Elhaija, welcomed the attendees and the sponsors of the conference and expressed her pride in the distinguished group of aspiring students who will be the leaders of the future. The president indicated that all participants are willing to contribute to learning, development and innovation.

Abu Elhaija stated that today's conference aims to spread ideas that face the challenges of the future and seek to explore What is the future? and How can we inspire generations to think creatively and confidently in future opportunities, adopt the mindset of unlimited thinking and innovation, and create new solutions that will make the world a better place for everyone?

Abu Elhaija expressed her pride in PSUT’s distinguished graduates who contributed to bringing about change in the digital world and innovation, and those who established the most important pioneering companies, including Tamatem Games, Replit, Chickmania, Bitween, Mind Rockets Inc, Activepieces, eSense Software, and Arabia Cell Co. The president pointed out that not only do these startups exemplify “Where Innovation Begins and Never Ends”, but they also demonstrate how graduates are making a real impact with technology.

Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Rami Salem, said that the conference is a locally organized event that brings people together and simulates the global TED experience. It consists of two main parts: speakers and a presentation of one of the international TED videos.

Dr. Rami Salem also thanked the sponsors who provided support for the students and contributed to the success of this distinguished conference.

Student Ahmed Al-Nazir, the head of the conference organizers, stated that this conference will focus on many modern technologies and future plans, and this, in turn, will open up areas of thinking and development.

At the end of the conference, PSUT president Prof. Abu Elhaija, honored the participants and sponsors for their contribution to the success of the conference.

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