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Princess Sumaya University for Technology Organizes the Event “What Major Do You Want to Study in 2023”

Aug 6, 2023

The Deanship of Admissions and Registration at Princess Sumaya University for Technology, under the patronage of Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, the university's President, hosted the annual event “What Major Do You Want to Study”.

The “What Major Do You Want to Study” event, attended by Prof. Bassam Hammo, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, as well as members of the University's Council of Deans and heads of academic departments, aims to familiarize high school students and their families with the university's diverse specializations and study requirements. Moreover, the event aims to enhance communication and collaboration with the local community.

Prof. Abdul Ghafour Al-Saidi, the Dean of Admissions and Registration, emphasized that the deanship is actively engaging in interactive discussions with prospective university students and their families. This includes providing comprehensive explanations about various specializations, employment opportunities, and the advantages that come with pursuing unique and in-demand majors in the job market. Additionally, the deanship aims to address any inquiries or questions posed by students and families, while also introducing them to student offices, clubs, and extracurricular activities in which university students actively participate.

Prof. Al-Saidi highlighted that the university's graduate employment rate reaches an impressive 93% within the first six months of graduation. He emphasized that PSUT, under the directives of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, is committed to providing exceptional and distinctive majors at the regional level. Moreover, the university is dedicated to equipping its graduates with the essential knowledge and skills to enter the job market successfully. To achieve this, PSUT continuously reviews and develops study plans that align with the ever-evolving demands of the job market.

It is worth noting that each school will conduct introductory sessions and virtual meetings with students and their families.



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