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The inauguration of the eighth cultural season at Princess Sumaya University for Technology

May 16, 2023


Prof. Wejdan Abu Elhaija, the President of Princess Sumaya University for Technology, inaugurated the events of the Eighth Annual Cultural Season Organized Annually by the Deanship of Student Affairs.

The inauguration was attended by Prof. Bassam Hammo, the Vice President for Administrative Affairs, Dr. Rami Salim, the Dean of Student Affairs, talented actors Zuhair Al-Noubani and Hussein Tabishat, the renowned caricaturist Emad Hajjaj, Ambassador Ali Yang from the Taiwanese Trade Office, and Dr. Salem Al-Daham, the Director of Studies and Publications at the Ministry of Culture, alongside numerous attendees and participants.

During the 5-day cultural season, various entities such as the Taiwan Trade Office, Ministry of Culture, The Jordan Museum, Arabic Calligraphy House, Intellect and Debating Society, Dar Al Manhal Publishers, cultural centers such as (Taiwan Trade Center, French Cultural Center, German Goethe-Institute, Turkish Heritage), as well as student clubs, showcase their posters and exhibits.

The first day events started with the opening of the eighth book fair, which included a variety of books and multiple corners in various fields, as well as a theatrical sketch entitled "Uncle Ghafel: record that I am an Arab". In addition, there was a special section to commemorate the poet Mohammed Mahdi Al-Jawahiri and interactive corners presented by student clubs, including the Literary Creativity and the revival of Arab Heritage Club, Noon Cultural Club, Women for pioneering Club, Astronomy Club, Drawing Club, Marje'a (reference) Club, and Fashion Club. The event also featured diverse corners about handicrafts, student drawings and photography, henna drawing, Arabic calligraphy, and caricature artist Emad Hajjaj (Abu Mahjoub), as well as the Book by Book initiative corner presented by the Marje’a Academic Club. The day also included musical performances by university students playing the oud, and a performance by the university's Dabkeh dance group.

Dr. Rami Salim, the Dean of Student Affairs, emphasized that organizing the event on a yearly basis aligns with the university's vision of enriching the cultural experiences of its students. It also aims to empower student clubs, foster collaboration with the cultural community, and provide opportunities for students to cultivate extracurricular skills that enhance their knowledge, nurture their personal growth, and refine their talents.

The cultural week will feature a diverse range of workshops, including a jazz workshop, an embroidery workshop, and an introductory session focusing on “The Art of Dialogue and Debate.” Subsequently, the university team will engage in a debate about the statement: “This council believes that utilizing artificial intelligence chat platforms (ChatGPT) in academic studies is unethical.” Furthermore, Dr. Khalil Al-Zyoud will deliver a lecture entitled “Reading and Building Awareness,” and there will be a discussion session with the poet and writer Dr. Ayman Al Otoum.



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