Social Media Marketing & Design

Creating a marketing strategy that will help us in all of our marketing campaigns

    - Creating a special rule of marketing strategy.

   - Knowing the added value to the product or the service.

   - Targeting an audience that is interested in the product or service.

   - Creating a plan for the most engaging keywords for the product or service.

   - Choosing a suitable language to connect with the targeted audience.

    - Creating a plan for the marketing budget.

 Applying the marketing strategy

    - Introduce the advertising campaign platform.

   - Collect the demographics of the target audience.

   - Identify the interests and behaviours of the target audience.

   - List the most important keywords that the targeted audience mostly interacts with.

   - Specify the most suitable advertising budget for each audience.

   - Understanding the algorithm that is used between competitors.

   - Control the engagement & impression costs.

   - Control how many times the ad will be viewed by the user.

   - Control how many times the ad will be clicked on by the user.

    - Decide upon the important tools that will help in the design of the engaged Ad content (Design or Video)

   - Track competitor's ads in the market.

 Track advertising campaign results and marketing strategy  

  - Learn about the tracking and management platform for marketing campaigns.

  - Identify the most important criteria to follow to ensure the highest advertising interaction rate.

  - Track and modify marketing campaigns.

  - Use the best worldwide applications and websites to manage and monitor our marketing campaigns.

Adjust the settings on Facebook pages & Instagram business accounts

   - The most important marketing features on Facebook pages.

   - The most important marketing features in Instagram business accounts. 

Create a Content Plan for both Facebook Page & Instagram

-          We will start with the idea of how to create the content.

-          Then we will learn how to create a sketch for this idea.

-          Finally, we will learn how to design these sketches on Adobe Photoshop.

Create Ads designs for both Facebook & Instagram
   - We will learn how to apply what we learned in the marketing strategy, and create a design in order to speak to our niche market.

   - Then we will follow the rules in our marketing strategy in order to make our designs more attractive to bring more attention to our business and increase sales.

- Create Videos for both Facebook & Instagram

  - Sometimes we will need to create video content in order to deliver our ad idea or product as fast as we can.

  - Also, we will learn how to edit our videos using Adobe Premiere after shooting them using our smartphones.

   - We will also learn how to follow the marketing strategy guidelines in order to make our videos more attractive and consequently bring more sales to our business.


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