Communications Engineering Department

The Communications Engineering Department has built a regional reputation for excellence in teaching and scientific research. The department strives to provide students with a state-of-the-art education that meets the advancements and changes in industry

The undergraduate program in Communications Engineering is ABET-accredited. The program consists of 160 credit hours covered by five years of study. It equips students with the required skills and knowledge in Cellular and Wireless Communications, Fiber Optics Communications, and Computer Networks.

The department continuously seeks to establish close ties with Jordan's communications industry and the ICT sector. PSUT works with local industry to enhance the Communications Engineering curriculum and to train students for their future careers through internships and practical training opportunities. Students receive theoretical knowledge in the classroom and hands-on training via internships and graduation projects. The graduation design project allows students to work with PSUT professors in their areas of expertise, giving them additional opportunities to enhance their innovation and research skills.

The department provides a number of specialized laboratories, properly equipped with the latest technologies to allow students to acquire the needed practical skills that go hand in hand with the learned theoretical knowledge in various fields.

Department Council

Each of the university's academic departments has its own council consisting of the academic staff of the department of the rank of instructor and above. The councils hold regular meetings chaired by the head of the department to discuss department-related issues such as academic programs, teaching methods, learning resources, course offerings, and student registration.

The Department Council also provides advice to the chairperson of the department on such issues as:

  1. Proposals for new courses
  2. Academic assessments
  3. Teaching and learning issues within the department

Communications Engineering Department Council (2023-2024):

Name Position
Dr. Luae ' Al-TarawnehCouncil Chair
Dr. Mohammad Mahmoud Alja'afrehCouncil Secretary
Prof. Omar Bani AhmadMember
Prof. Ashraf TahatMember
Prof. Raed MeslehMember
Dr. Rami WahshehMember
Dr. Anastassia GharibMember
Eng. Mohammed TahaMember

For more information

Dept. Head

Dr. Laue Tarawneh

Email: [email protected]

Tel.: Ext. 5507