The Dean's Message

PSUT's King Abdullah II School of Engineering is among the finest engineering schools in Jordan. We are proud to claim many of the captains of Jordanian industry as our alumni, and I am confident the students who walk our corridors and fill our classrooms today will be among the leaders of tomorrow.

Our goal is to continue to prepare the future generation of Jordanian engineers to be innovative leaders and creative problem solvers. Engineering education and research cannot be separated. A strong graduate program is the hallmark of all great engineering schools, and PSUT is planning and striving to be one of Jordan’s leading research-intensive universities through its well-established Master of Science program in Electrical Engineering. We have completed a long-term planning exercise and have identified our strengths and directions for the coming ten years. Over the next few years, we will continue this process of self-evaluation, external accreditation, renewal, and growth of both our academic programs, staff, and infrastructure.

I believe strongly in our motto of ‘Together we succeed’, and I hope that all of you reading this message, our students (past, present, and future), and community supporters will all continue to lend a hand in strengthening one of the best engineering schools in Jordan. I firmly believe that with a clear strategy, and with your support, KASE at PSUT will continue to grow and adjust to the complex demands of the 21st century. In pursuing these opportunities, we work with other PSUT Schools and centers, our alumni, Jordanian industry, and the government, as we continue to build the reputation of what is already one of Jordan’s finest engineering schools. To this end, I encourage you to visit our campus, call, or contact us online.

Dean of King Abdullah II School of Engineering