Club for Literary Creativity and the Revival of Arab Heritage

It was established in 2020. It is concerned with embracing the diverse creative talents of students in the fields of writing poetry, short stories, thoughts, essays, and other forms of Arabic literature art, through which it participates in local and national competitions related to this field.


The club’s activities and achievements:

  •  The club organized a competition for Arabic Language Day.
  • The club arranged for additional lectures for Arabic language students, to help them overcome any difficulties in their study of the Arabic language.
  •  The club released a video entitled: “Thoughts of a Passerby - from the paintings of the Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh”.
  •  The club published a collection of quotes, for example, the quote from the Arab poet, Elia Abu Madi: ‘Beauty is not beauty in itself; beauty is found when there is someone to see it.’
  •  The club launched an introductory video, entitled "What is the Club for Literary Creativity and the Revival of Arab Heritage based on?”
  •  The club set up an introductory booth in PSUT’s give students the opportunity to join the club.
  • The "If He Were among Us" initiative celebrated the occasion of the Prophet's birthday, in cooperation with the Noon Cultural Club.
  •  The launch of a competition to write a short story was announced.
  •  An Arabic calligraphy workshop was held in cooperation with Noon Cultural Club
  • A celebration was organized to commemorate World Arabic Language Day, where many activities were held.