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PSUT is the micro-campus for the University of Arizona (UA) in Jordan.  This partnership includes offering PSUT’s bachelor students the opportunity to benefit from their Global Direct Online opportunities at a highly preferred rate of around $390 per bachelor credit hour, and $580 per master credit hour (paid for the online courses taken while in Jordan). 


Global Direct Online is designed to help students create a customized plan to complete a US degree. Your enrollment options include:  

FULLY ONLINE This path allows students to earn a full bachelor’s degree online. Explore our fully online degree options!

TRANSITION TO MAIN CAMPUS This path is designed for first-time college students to earn credit online with the intention to complete the UArizona degree in person on the main campus in Tucson. 

TRANSFER CREDIT This path allows students to take courses online with the intention of transferring that credit to another US college or university. 

THEMATIC PATHWAYS This path is designed for students who have completed 60 or more units of diverse coursework and want to apply those courses to a degree program at the University of Arizona. Through this path, you will earn your degree in General Studies completely online from UArizona’s College of Humanities.

CERTIFICATES This path is designed for students who want to enhance their educational experiences through a set of focused and interrelated courses in areas of interdisciplinary, global interest, and professional need.

Global Direct First-Semester Support

The University of Arizona offers international online learners enrolled in the Global Direct Campus individualized attention and support, starting with admission to the university and continuing throughout their enrollment process. A unique and nurturing first-semester support model serves as the cornerstone for all Global Direct students. This includes one-on-one advising, a special community-building Student Success Course, and fun online engagement opportunities with peers from around the world. Our Academic Advisors help onboard new Global Direct students during their first semester and work with them for up to a full year, until such time as a student chooses to transition to in-person studies on our main campus, or proceeds with a fully online degree. In the first semester, students take introductory math, English, and general education classes that apply toward any University of Arizona undergraduate degree. The Advisors help students move seamlessly into the best-fit degree program, handling the administrative processes of choosing or changing majors or campuses.


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