University Services


Issuance of University ID Cards

New students are issued their university ID cards by the Deanship of Student Affairs after completing all the steps of the admission and registration procedure. The student can obtain his/her ID card at the reception for new students or at the start of the new semester.


For more information, please contact us via the following e-mails and phone numbers:

1. Tel: 99495356  (962+) Ext. 5650 / 5651 / 5659 / 5660

2. Emails:

Mr. Wael Khrisat: [email protected]

Deanship of Student Affairs: [email protected]

Bus Services

Student Services Department

Dear students, for those who wish to take advantage of the bus service, please follow these instructions:

1-When you see the announcement that applications for bus services are being accepted, complete the online bus service subscription application form on the Student Services website, as follows:

- Enter the student’s website via

- Log in to ‘Subscriptions’ and fill in the required fields.


2-Pay the fees, according to the required bus route and the semester, at the Finance Department:


3- Adhere to the departure times of the bus to and from the university, according to the scheduled bus route.



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