Student Services Department


Providing the logistical services and extracurricular support that the student needs throughout the period of study until graduation.


Services offered:

Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT) has provided many facilities and services that make university life more flexible and useful. It also creates good environment for students that help them fulfill the requirements of their academic life. Such environment also helps them engage in extracurricular activities inside and outside the university.

  • Issuing parking permits for the student parking lots.

Within the available spaces, Princess Sumaya University for Technology has designated car parks for students on campus, in which public safety requirements and conditions are met. Ins and outs are safely designed. The university also aims to provide more comfort and safety to the student by avoiding congestion at the main university gates and in campus, allowing students to get in and out safely. University security staff serve students and ensure their safety, and follow up on the implementation of and adherence to instructions.  

  • Registering students for the bus service, plus organizing and monitoring the service.

Although the university is located in the middle of Amman, it was keen to provide its students with modern and air-conditioned means of transportation. The student submits a subscription request at the beginning of each semester on the student website. PSUT buses, then, transport them from specific areas to the university and vice versa. The routes are announced to students:

First Route: the city line, which includes: Al-Waha roundabout (Habiba), Al-Haramain intersection, the seventh circle (C-town), the eighth circle, Mecca Street roundabout, Khalda roundabout, Sweileh pedestrian bridge.

Second Route: Tabarbour line, which includes: Tariq Mall traffic lights, Al-Mashaghel roundabout, Express bus station, Nayfa traffic lights, Al-Istiqlal station, Al-Istiklal Mall, Al-Dakhiliyah roundabout, Mukhtar Mall.

Third Route: Marj Al-Hamam, which includes: Shawabkeh Roundabout, Al-Dallah Roundabout, Al-Junaidi Roundabout, and Al-Quds College.

  • Issuing students with University ID Smart-cards, in cooperation with Cairo-Amman Bank.