Salaries and Insurance Department

PSUT's Salaries and Insurance Department was established on 12/1/2021 in order to meet the University’s objectives and keep pace with the modern management methods that the PSUT administration seeks to achieve. This department has been entrusted with major tasks and roles, the main objective of which is to provide a suitable work environment for PSUT employees by implementing the rules and regulations related to these tasks.



To make an effective contribution to realizing the university’s vision by creating a solid set of foundations and infrastructure for the Salaries and Insurance Department.



Striving to achieve the university's continuous development, and providing high quality services that best represent the department. We also seek to make best use of IT to play the primary role in the organizational structure as an effective link between PSUT’s administration and its staff.


Our core values

Integrity                        Professionalism                     Participation            Excellence                     Quality                      Effective communication



  • Calculating and facilitating the payment of employees’ monthly salaries.
  • Performing income tax procedures.
  • Performing social security procedures.
  • Calculating and facilitating the end-of-service gratuity and settlement of rights.
  • Health insurance.
  • Life insurance.
  • Overtime cash payments.
  • Issuing bank letters and other necessary banking documents.
  • Checking all advances and installment purchases, according to the financial situation.
  • Implementation of all resolutions pertaining to salaries and insurance.