Princess Sumaya University for Technology's Band

Music is the origin and lifeblood of the arts. Music speaks to the soul, mind, and body, nourishing the soul to clear the mind. Through music, the intellect and spirit expand, and sensation increases.

Our mission is to raise the standard of the music performed in a sound cultural and academic framework to a level befitting the best of Jordanian universities, Princess Sumaya University for Technology.

The Musical Activities Department is concerned with the development of musical and lyrical talents at the university, under the supervision of the Department of Arts Activities, which is embodied in a group of outstanding students, supervisors, and other interested parties within the university and beyond.

PSUT's Musical Activities Department is divided into two groups: the Arab and Western groups. This department was established at the university 8 years ago and since then it has participated in all the university’s events, including Open Days and celebrations. It also participated in the Philadelphia National Song Festival and the Philadelphia Theater Festival, in cooperation with the theater group.

The Musical Activities Department proposed the idea of a music forum for universities under the title of Music is Culture (Turkish Music). Students from PSUT, JUST, and the German-Jordanian University underwent training.

The music department also participated in the Suweima Festival held to show loyalty to the King.


Some of the music department’s most outstanding activities are as follows:

  • Participated in the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) Open Day.
  • Provided the musical accompaniment to all theatrical performances.
  • Participated in the events of PSUT’s Open Day.
  • Gave a concert performing Western music.
  • Participated in the freshman celebrations.
  • Participated in the university’s 21st anniversary celebrations.