Mission & Goals



The School’s mission is to conduct world-class research and creative activities that develop knowledge, thus preparing highly competent, qualified graduates who are capable of contributing to the economic growth and social advancement of Jordan.


Goals and objectives:
1. To widen the scope and enhance the quality of research through:

  • Creating a nexus between research and education (involving graduate and undergraduate students in research activities).
  • Aspiring for excellence in research performance (encouraging faculty members to increase their research output and publish in reputed journals)
  • Enhancing and improving research infrastructure.
  • Adopting and developing a researcher development framework (conducting capacity-building workshops for researchers).

2. To build and strengthen international research partnerships and strategic alliances through:

  • Expanding and developing strategic partnerships with international academic institutions focused on common areas of research.
  • Connecting people and organizations by proactively engaging in pairing, matchmaking, and relationship building.

3. To enhance and diversify our graduate programs through:

  • Encouraging and establishing interdisciplinary graduate programs.
  • Developing new high quality academic and professional graduate programs.
  • Establishing joint graduate programs with prestigious institutions.
  • Encouraging and facilitating joint supervision of graduate students with prestigious institutions.
  • Recruiting and enrolling highly qualified students to the graduate programs.
  • Building the capacity of faculty members and researchers involved in the graduate programs.
  • Attracting and securing the financial resources required for the graduate programs.
  • Securing financial support for graduate students.