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The Learning Support Office seeks to provide support for people with additional educational needs, whether they be of an academic, social, psychological, or health nature. It offers direct, proactive services to students who need it, providing them with a variety of tools and skills to avoid possible future problems. We aim to instill a spirit of cooperation between the Office, faculty members, parents, and the students themselves to help students move forward in their university life without hindrance. Importantly, we follow a proactive approach which encompasses all of our students, especially those who fail to examine the reasons for their academic failure. Guidance is offered in the form of specialized groups, or individually if needed.


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Our Policy and Objectives

Our Policy

Our aim is to provide all students at all levels with fair educational opportunities and a suitable educational environment in order for them to get full benefit from the University's various programs, services and activities. Using methods that ensure privacy and confidentiality in dealing with this group of students, we encourage them to tell us about their different needs.

  1. To integrate students with special learning needs, such as cognitive difficulties, specific learning difficulties, including sight, speech, and hearing problems, as thoroughly as possible, both academically and socially, by providing the appropriate support via the various services and methods available to them.
  2. To provide the appropriate services that cater to the specific needs of the students, on a one-to-one basis if necessary.
  3. To get special needs students Involved in various activities, encouraging them to express their needs without embarrassment, which promotes their self-confidence.
  4. To encourage and train other PSUT students to play a role in supporting special needs students.
  5. To provide the different types of employees at the University with the appropriate training to deal with students with special learning needs.

Academic support

  1. Developing students' study skills and helping them to improve their own abilities to acquire knowledge during remedial classes for courses. These classes are taught by fellow PSUT students, and help to encourage the concept of cooperation between students.
  2. Holding remedial classes in handwriting and typing in both Arabic and English languages.
  3. Holding remedial classes in conversational Arabic and English, mathematics and any other subject in which the student may need additional lessons.
  4. Monitoring each student’s development and progress through their academic results.
  5. Providing special exam arrangements (additional time, an accompanying person to read or write for the student in the exam, separate rooms, allowing the use of a calculator, print media) depending on the student's case.
  6. Providing copies of class notes.
  7. Providing other electronic devices and programs suitable for different cases.
  8. Making audio recordings of lectures.
  9. Using colored paper and a magnified font for examination papers.

Supporting parties

  • The student himself
  • Employees in the various departments and deanships
  • Parents
  • Fellow University students

Target Group

The Office welcomes students with special learning needs and provides them with the necessary support and services to help them achieve the academic and social goals set by the University. The following special needs are covered by the Office:

* Learning difficulties

* Motor disabilities

* Sight disabilities

* Psychological challenges

* Hearing disabilities

  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

The Student's Rights and Obligations

The Student's Rights

 1. The student has the right to contact the Learning Support Office and register his / her case.

2. The student has the right to be evaluated using methods that meet the stated objectives.

3. The student has the right to benefit from all available services and to participate in University activities and programs, provided that his participation does not result in harm to himself or others.

4. The University guarantees that the student shall receive fair treatment from all members of faculty, staff and others at the University, taking into account his/her individual rights and special needs.

5. The student’s file shall be treated with confidentiality. Nobody is allowed to view the student's file except for concerned parties from the University administration, should it be necessary to make a decision regarding the student. In all other cases, prior permission must be obtained from the student.

6. The student shall receive a copy of the letter which is given to the course instructors explaining any recommendations made regarding the student’s treatment, and giving a complete picture of his/her required needs.

The Student's Obligations

1. The student should contact the concerned party at the Office and inform them of their case. Only students who register their needs with the Office will receive the necessary support during their period of study.

2. The student should present the medical or diagnostic report from an accredited consultant such as a psychiatrist or educational psychologist, if required.

3. The student should contact and inform the Office of Learning Support should any problem arise.

Ongoing Contact

1. The Office will stay in continuous contact with the student in order to monitor the case.

2. The student will be counselled to take part in the training courses and the activities organized by the Office.

3. The student will be encouraged to put forward suggestions regarding activities offered by the Office.

The volunteer team

Required qualifications for students wishing to volunteer their help for Learning Support

The Learning Support Office shall select a team of students to work as volunteers to help in learning support, and shall specify the necessary characteristics and qualifications of these students, whether it be to assist in the form of remedial classes or services within the framework of the Office of Learning Support. The Office shall also specify any incentives that are to be given to the volunteers.

Requirements for receiving support

1. The student must provide a diagnostic report (signed and sealed) which proves the opinion of the accredited specialist regarding the extent of the student's need for support.

2. Course instructors will be consulted regarding the student's actual need for support.

3. The Office of Learning Support shall study and analyze the specialist report.

4. The final decision regarding the type of support required by the student shall be taken by the appropriate person in the Learning Support Office.

5. The University administration has the right to request any additional or old medical tests, or to request academic certificates not available in the student’s file.

6. The student's need for a separate room or additional time during examinations does not require supporting reports. This can be identified through regular counselling sessions with the student to determine why he/she needs this type of support.

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