Hult Prize and the 17 UN SDGs

This club is known as the Hult Prize and the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Hult Prize is a global competition organized by the Hult School of Business, headquartered in Washington and London. It is considered the largest youth movement for social change in the world and is classified as one of the best youth initiatives aimed at empowering young people in the 21st century.

The competition targets undergraduates as well as Master's and PhD students from all over the world. Teams compete to establish new projects and institutions aimed at addressing one of the social challenges represented by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for the year 2030. The winning team receives a prize of $1 million in seed capital to launch their company and scale the project. The goal of this award is to launch a new social enterprise that can fundamentally change the world and generate the next generation of social entrepreneurs. The competition is open to students from all different fields. Teams made up of students from diverse academic backgrounds usually perform better than other teams. To create truly innovative projects, teams need to be able to cover different aspects of a problem, from a deep understanding of the area in which the problem falls, to the business model, to designing the technology the team will need.



The club’s activities and achievements:

  • The club organized the Hult Prize competition, which was held at the PSUT campus under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan. Headed by student Ahmed Al-Sharif, the participating teams presented ideas for startups that will contribute to solving problems related to food and food supply chains, under the title “Food for Good”.
  • Two of the PSUT teams participating in the competition, hosted on the PSUT campus, qualified for the Hult Prize regional conferences in the cities of Tunis and Ankara to represent the university and the country with projects that solve food problems. The two teams will complete the necessary training in partnership with (IYAF) and the Queen Rania Center for Entrepreneurship.
  • 18-20/3/2021 – PSUT’s Zaytunitna team and the Fresh team with their FER project participated in the 3-day regional conference of the Hult Prize Impact Summit, held in Irbid.
  • 28/3/2021 - Two teams from PSUT qualified for the regional final of the Hult Prize competition, which was held remotely in Petra. About 40 teams from around the world participated in this stage, and 6 teams qualified for the final stage. One of those, the Bloom team, was made up of students: Karim Al-Mulki, Mohammed Ibrahim and Aws Al-Masry. Their project involved combining solar energy and agriculture into one system, thus increasing the proportion of agricultural yield and energy generated at the same time. The Zaytunitna team, made up of Jana Al-Dabbas, Batoul Barakat, and Sedil Muwahed, qualified for the final with their project of an application that aims to collect and exploit wasted foodstuffs and convert them into organic fertilizers.