The Graduation Ceremony Affairs Office was created within the Deanship of Student Affairs to take care of the tasks of monitoring and coordinating everything related to graduation affairs and the graduation ceremony. The Office coordinates with all academic and administrative bodies at the university concerned with graduation to perform the following tasks:

• Preparing for the Distinguished Graduate Ceremony, which is patronized by HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan.

• Supervising the distribution of university graduation robes to students and faculty members, in addition to the robes of the Board of Trustees.

• Assisting in the logistical preparations for the graduation ceremony.

• Preparing announcements and all official correspondence with students, including letters and announcements concerning the graduation ceremony and rehearsals.

• Supervising the preparation of the most prominent students to assist in the graduation ceremony.

• Archiving the Year Books, group graduate photos, and photos of the Distinguished Graduate Ceremony.

• Supervising the preparation of the speeches for the graduation ceremony, such as those of the master of ceremonies and the valedictorian speeches.

• Announcing and monitoring all matters concerned with the Princess Sumaya Distinguished Student Award.