Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently asked questions by students on health insurance


** What is the medical body accredited for insurance by the university?

Jordan University Hospital.


** Is participation in health insurance compulsory?

Yes, it is compulsory for all students registered at the university and attending

The study does not include students who have deferred their studies.


**When is the health insurance valid for the contributor?

From the first day of the school year to the end of the day

before the start of the next semester.


**Is there a special card for health insurance?

No, the university student ID is a processing card for the subscriber.


** What do treatment and insurance services include?

Treatment includes the services available at the health center or entity

approved medical and with a transfer from the health center on the approved form. Either

In emergency and urgent cases and outside working hours, you can review

The medical authority accredited by the university.


** What is the degree of residence for the student in the accredited hospital?

The third degree, and in the event that the contributor wishes to reside in a higher degree

He has to pay the cost difference.


** What is the percentage of coverage by health insurance?

80%, meaning that the subscriber has to pay 20% of the bill value

Payable in addition to all expenses not covered by health insurance.


** What are the cases that are not covered by health insurance?

There are a group of cases that are not covered by health insurance

Among the instructions, most notably: dental and gum diseases, gland diseases

Endocrine diseases, chronic diseases, treatment of hair loss and acne, imbalance

Nervous or mental illnesses, mental illnesses, etc. You can inquire about them

By reviewing the health center or by looking at instructions

health insurance.