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Data Analysis/Analytics course

Feb 11, 2024 Amman- Jordan

With successfully Finalizing the Data Analysis/Analytics course, students will have core hands
on experience in:
1- Core skills in Storing Data Sets.
• Managing text files.
• Managing CSV and Spreadsheets.
• Databases.
2- Core skills in Computing Basic Statistics:
• Using Statistical Functions.
• Filtering data.
• Summarizing by group.
3- Core skills in Finding Patterns in Data Set:
• Spotting trends.
• Visualizing with Charts.
• Statistical fluctuations.
• Making Linear predictions.
• Finding correlations.
4- Core skills in Microsoft Excel formulas and Pivot Tables:
• VLOOKUPs in Excel.
• Pivot tables.
• Formulas and cell referencing.
• Charting using Excel.
5- Core skills in Data Visualization, Reporting and Automatic Dashboards:
• Connecting SQL to Business Intelligence software.
• Using PowerBI.
• Feeding to Web Visualization.
• Geospatial visualization.
• Trend Analysis.
• Descriptive Analytics.
6- Core skills in Big Data Sources and Challenges:
• Digital libraries.
• Storages and data analysis processing.
• Hadoop and Spark Basics.
• Using Hive (SQL for Data Analysis). 

For more information , Please contact:

Telephone: +962 6 5359949 / Ext. 5022
Mobile: +962 79 5683881

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