Developer Student Club

The Developer Student Club was established in 2020 as a Google Developers program for students on campus. Through their membership of the club, students build their professional and personal network, access all of the developer sources and resources provided by Google, and work together to build solutions to local problems in a peer-to-peer learning environment so that all club members benefit from the expertise of others in the relevant fields.

The focus is on spreading knowledge and familiarity with Google tools in:

  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning  
  • Cloud Computing
  • App Development
  • Other Google tools such as Google Assistant, Flutter, etc.


The club’s activities and achievements:

  • September 22/23 - The Google Developers Student Club (GDSC) organized a training camp (Bootcamp) on the subject of machine learning, within an educational track designed by Google experts with the aim of developing students' knowledge in the field of AI and the skills required in the labor market, in a way that enhances PSUT’s vision of teaching the latest technology. Ahmed Al-Sharif, president of the club, and Rakan Armoush, president of the Data Science Club, spoke at the meeting.
  • Participation in the Student Clubs Day, under the patronage of HRH Princess Sumaya bint El Hassan, where a huge number of club members participated.
  • Learning about DevOps tools will enable developers to automate most software development processes such as creation, management, deployment, etc., and help reduce the amount of manual effort needed. The course focuses on the tools most commonly used in the labor market and has been designed by Google experts to present students with realistic challenges and test their abilities to solve problems. Prizes were awarded to students who completed the course within one month. This course was implemented in two phases:
  • 12/10/2021 – A 3-hour session on Cloud DevOps Foundation Training focused on Linux Command Line/Google Cloud Platform. The training was conducted by two students, Layan Ateli and Eman Al-Mousa, and the speakers were Amer Jarrar and Ahmed Al-Sharif.
  • 14/10/2021 - Eng. Zaid Afaneh and student Amer Jarrar conducted a training session under the title ‘Google Cloud Kubernetes Engine’. Advanced skills were taught in fields such as DockerGit.
  • 17/10/2021 - A training in Info Session was presented by the student president of the Google Club, Ahmed Al-Sharif.