Cultural Activities and Student Clubs

Cultural Activity Office

The work of the Cultural Activity Office involves organizing and holding all related cultural and literary events and activities that help in honing and developing students’ talent, enriching their knowledge, raising the level of awareness among young people, and developing the character of our PSUT students.

The Office supervises all cultural activities, in addition to working to broaden students’ experiences in many fields, to build and develop their personalities, such as organizing competitions related to poetic commentaries, the life of a writer or poet, the Reading Challenge competition, poetry competitions, commemorating the World Arabic Language Day, organizing a Culture Week on campus, in addition to bridging the gap with cultural institutions such as the Arabic Language Academy, the Jordan Museum, the Ministry of Culture, and the National Library, in a serious attempt to institutionalize this cultural work and network with the local community to revive these facets of knowledge.


Enabling this generation to gain and develop life skills with broad horizons and open minds through the establishment of a wide range of extracurricular student activities that contribute to honing the student's personality.

Goals of the Cultural Activities Office

  • To develop and encourage students’ talents and hobbies in the cultural arena.
  • To provide the opportunity for PSUT students to participate in activities that suit their interests and abilities.


Cultural Activities Organized by the Office

  • Organizing the annual Culture Week which showcases a wide range of creative talents in the cultural and arts arenas.
  • Active participation in literary creativity competitions, such as writing poetry, short stories, thoughts, and articles, whether inside the university or at the level of Jordanian universities.
  • Networking with local community institutions of a cultural nature.
  • Celebrating cultural and religious occasions.


Student Clubs

PSUT's student clubs cover a wide range of interests, represented by organizations established by the students themselves under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs. The clubs play an important role in building an exceptional educational and life experience for students and provide them with the opportunity to practice extracurricular activities that help them integrate into the university community with their colleagues who share the same interests. They also support rich development opportunities that help in developing teamwork skills, as well as honing other practical skills such as communication and leadership.  The clubs provide a rich environment whereby talents and energies are discovered and invested. Student clubs are numerous and varied, based on PSUT's specializations and the needs of the local community.

  • These clubs, all of which are based at PSUT, are established under the supervision of the Deanship of Student Affairs by a decision of the president, based on a recommendation from the dean.



Building a conscious, creative, capable generation ready to engage in positive interaction with society, and capable of facing life's challenges in all fields.


  • Encouraging volunteer work, public service, and teamwork among the university’s students.

  • Developing and encouraging talents and hobbies.

  • Providing the opportunity for PSUT students to participate in activities that suit their interests and abilities.

  • Supporting academic disciplines with a practical aspect to raise students' technical competency.

Types of Student Club: