Community Service Office


Building a leadership generation that possesses the spirit of initiative, volunteerism, and awareness of social responsibility.


Through the implementation of its programs, the Office aims to help the local community to become better organized and able to participate in solving any challenges that arise. It especially focuses on any marginalized individuals or groups by taking up their issues and getting them involved, thus enabling them to participate in finding a resolution to their own problems. The Office seeks to respect human rights in the professional methods it uses and the outcomes it works to achieve.

About the Community Service course

The compulsory Community Service course is a mandatory requirement for students who hold a university ID from 2019 or later.

The student must complete 16 hours of service in order to fulfill the Community Service course requirements, which are divided into two categories:

  • Community service: field activities
  • Student Activities: Attending educational lectures, seminars, conferences, courses

Activities are announced via the Community Service platform

You must participate in the activity for the hours to be counted towards completing the course.

Any external activity or event that has not been published on the Community Service platform will not be counted, so please follow the activities of the Deanship of Student Affairs to be sure of participating in them.

Student volunteers:

An organizing team has been set up at the Community Service Office to deal with the organization of all the events, initiatives and activities of the Community Service Office. The team also participates in organizing and monitoring the main official university celebrations, events and activities. The team members are selected by publishing an advertisement via e-mail and social media, and then interviews are conducted to identify the selected students, after which they receive training and get involved in activities, each according to his/her skills and preferences. The work of this team is purely voluntary and the hours spent on this work is not counted towards the Community Service hours.

The team includes approximately 319 students.

Activities that the team participated in organizing:

  1. The graduation ceremony of the twenty-seventh cohort.
    1. The ceremony to launch the new logo.
    2. The Freshman Reception Party for the year 2020/2021.
    3. Participation in work in baccalaureate schools.

    Leadership and Social Responsibility:

    The course introduces students to the most important issues that concern them in their university life, working to link them to the community and the surrounding environment, such as university life and general culture in all its aspects. The aim is to promote a sense of loyalty and belonging to the university and the local community. The course is a compulsory graduation requirement (the student must pass it in order to graduate). It carries zero credit hours and is free.

     Initiatives and activities launched by the Community Service Office since its inception:

    • Sumayya Change Initiative (2018), which aims to improve the conditions in schools in remote areas.
    • Orphans Iftar party (16/5/2019)
    • Winter Charity Campaign 2020
    • Ramadan Charity Campaign (2) 2021
    • Eid Al-Adha Campaign (1) 2021
    • Winter Charity Campaign (2) 2022
    • Ramadan Charity Campaign (3) 2022
    • Eid Al-Adha Campaign (2) 2022


    1. Run Jordan (Jordan Marathon Association)
    2. The Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO)
    3. “We” platform (an initiative of the Crown Prince Foundation)
    4. Tkiyet Um Ali
    5. Jordan Charity Clothing Bank
    6. Community Police
    7. General Directorate of Jordan Civil Defense