School Committees

The School Council comprises the Chairperson (the School's Dean), department heads, and an additional representative from each department.

The main tasks of the School Council are to:

  1. Supervise the School's academic programs.
  2. Monitor the work of the School's departments.
  3. Improve academic standards.
  4. Deal with staff and student issues.
  5. Execute the decisions of the Deans' Council and Board of Trustees.
  6. Carry out other tasks delegated by the Dean, which may include chairing certain faculty committees (e.g., Recruitment Committee, Study Plan Committee, etc.) and coordinating the role of student advisors. 

School Council

Dr. Osama Abu SharkhCouncil Chair
Dr. Amjed Al-MousaVice Dean
Dr. Ayman FazaaElectrical Engineering Dept. Head
Dr. Aows KananComputer Engineering Dept. Head
Dr. Luae Al-TarawnehCommunications Engineering Dept. Head
Dr. Mahmud Dar AssiBasic Sciences Dept. Head
Prof. Omar Bani AhmadCommunications Engineering Dept. Representative
Dr. Rafat JarahElectrical Engineering Dept. Representative
Dr. Mamoun AhmadBasic Sciences Dept. Representative
Dr. Qataiba Al-BluwiComputer Engineering Dept. Representative

Other Committees 

Scientific Research Committee

Dr. Amjed Al-MousaCouncil Chair
Dr. Luae TarawnehMember
Dr. Samiah BushnaqMember
Dr. Majd BatarsehMember
Dr. Haitham Al AniMember

Higher Education Committee

Dr. Osama Abu SharkhCouncil Chair
Prof. Fadi ShahrouryMember
Prof. Ashraf TahatMember
Prof. Esam AlQarallehMember
Dr. Ayman FazaaMember

Quality Assurance Committee

Dr. Amjed Al-MousaCouncil Chair
Dr. Ayman FazaaMember
Dr. Aows KanaanMember
Dr. Luae Al-TarawnehMember
Dr. Mahmud Dar AssiMember
Eng. Nedaa AlThaherMember