Borrow & Reserve

When you access El Hassan library spaces and collections, you commit to abiding by the library regulations, which are outlined here, and must therefore act accordingly.

Who Can Borrow from El-Hassan Library? 

  • All PSUT employees.
  • All employees of the Royal Scientific Society.
  • All PSUT students.
  • All authorized users from other institutions that have entered into agreements with PSUT. 

What Can You Borrow from the Library? For How Long?

  • Users can borrow Fiction books & textbooks:
  • Dissertations, Graduation Projects, and Reservation Shelf Books: These items may only be borrowed and used within the library.
  • Scientific and Bilingual Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, and Handbooks: These items may only be borrowed and used within the library.
  • Undergraduate students may borrow 3 books at any one time for a period of 2 weeks.
  • Graduate students may borrow 10 books at any one time for a period of 1 month. 
  • Faculty members may borrow 15 books at any one time for a period of 1 semester.  

Borrowing & Returning Services: 

Borrowing Services:

  1. External Loans: Allows users to borrow books from El-Hassan Library according to the regulations. 
  2. Interlibrary Loans: Allows users to request unavailable books from other libraries that the library has agreements with.  
  3. Internal Loans: Allows users to use References, Thesis, Graduation Projects, and Reservation Shelf Books within the library. or to be printed. 
  • Search for books you want to borrow using the library search tool. If a copy of the book is available, 

You can either place a hold, borrow and then pick it up from the library help desk.


Go directly to the shelves and search for the book yourself, or with the help of the librarian, to borrow it from the help desk. 

  • You need to provide a valid PSUT or RSS student or staff ID card in order to borrow.
  • To avoid penalties you have to return what you borrowed on time, BUT if you still need the books you can ask the librarian to renew if applicable. Renew procedures are listed below. 
  • Return time is recorded on the book itself. It also can be found on your library account. 
  • You can ask the librarian to set a reminder on your account, or you can set the reminder yourself.
  • You must return books on time to avoid fines. 
  • Late return of books incurs a fine of 0.15 JOD/day per book.
  • Any user who has a history of repeatedly returning books late, will have his/her lending privileges suspended.

Placing Renew & Hold Requests

  •  All library users are allowed to renew borrowed books (textbooks, research, and fiction) up to 3 times, if applicable. 
  • To renew, the user must bring the book to the library help desk.
  • The library director has the right to decline a renew request, if other users are have put in a hold request for the book. In this case, the book must be returned on time and may not be renewed.
  • Most of the time, Textbooks are not available for renew. 
  • If a hold request is placed on a borrowed book, then it is considered not available for renewal.
  • If you need a book, but you are unable to visit the library, you can place a hold request on the book you wish to borrow. You must then visit the library within 2 days to pick up the book. 

Reserve a Book on the Bookshelf Tips

  • Faculty members and librarians are allowed to reserve a copy of a Textbook, a Rare book or a book that is frequently used on the bookshelf at the help desk. 
  • To reserve a book, a faculty member must send a request to the library.

Print Service

  • Students are allowed to print up to 150 pages from an electronic resource.
  • Faculty members are allowed to print up to 250 pages from items that are not in circulation, taking into consideration copyright law.