Automation and Robotics Club (IEEE RAS & ARC)

PSUT’s branch of the ARC club was established in 2018. The club aims to educate students and increase their knowledge of robotics, and electronic and mechanical systems to build a community for those interested in robotics at the university. This club also conducts training courses related to robotics and engineering fields, assists students in their projects and research, and presents students' projects to external delegations that visit the university.



The club’s activities and achievements:

  • The club organized a 3-day workshop in cooperation with the Robotics and Automation Branch at IEEE, entitled ‘Introduction to Open CV using Python’. The total training time was 9 hours and the aim was to train students to use the Open CV library specialized in digital image processing. The workshop was presented by student Alaeddin Obaid from Multimedia University - Malaysia.
  • 26/12/2020 – The club organized the first session of ‘What does it look like among the tech giants?’ in cooperation with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Branch. The event hosted PSUT graduate students and academic staff who have experience working for major international technology companies to talk about their experience in those institutions, share some tips with the audience, and broadcast the interviews directly on social media.

    PSUT graduate, Eng. Yahya Ghosheh, a former trainee at Toshiba Company in Tokyo, Japan, spoke at the meeting.

  • 19/3/2021 - The club, in cooperation with the IEEE Robotics and Automation Branch, organized a session on “What is Cloud Computing?” PSUT students Zaid Afana (Network and Information Security Engineering), and Omar Mansour, Vice President of the club spoke at the meeting.
  • A training workshop was held entitled ‘Embedded Systems Project Workshop’ which addresses the projects of Embedded Systems students. Presented by student Yahya Abidou, this workshop aimed to introduce the participating students to the concepts of the PIC controller and the basics of building a sumo robot to help them with their projects.