Association of Energy Engineering (AEE)

The Association of Energy Engineers is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education in energy and management. Headquartered in the USA, it has more than 18,000 members in more than 100 countries. Its mission is to "promote the scientific and educational interests of those working in the energy industry and promote action for sustainable development".

The Student Branch at Princess Sumaya University (AEE PSUT) is a student club affiliated with the Association in the USA. The club was established in 2013 at PSUT to introduce students to the different types of electrical energy and the methods of extracting them, aiming to spread awareness about renewable energy and its importance. Our student chapter plays an important role on campus by spreading awareness about the importance of renewable energy and its impact on the environment.

It offers a full range of media outreach programs in order to bridge the gap between academic and market needs including workshops, field visits, lectures, volunteer work, seminars (live and online), conferences and magazines, books, and certificate programs.


The club’s activities and achievements:

  • PSUT’s branch of the AEE Club outperformed more than 100 international student branches to win two international awards:
  1. Best Student Conference/Expo - International Division

   The club won the award for organizing its ‘Green Talk’ energy conferences for two consecutive years. The club hosted specialists from the energy sector, most notably:

-           Mr. Mike Dietrich, a TEDxTalk speaker, scientist and member of the AEE in Washington, who spoke about climate change.

-           Eng. Samer Zawaideh, President of AEE, who spoke about clean energy.

-           Eng. Bashar Masoud, a CEA-certified member of the AEE, who talked about energy auditing and its importance.

-           Eng. Nidal Nassar from Philadelphia Solar, who talked about solar energy and cells.

  1. Best Social Media Campaign Award - International Division

            The club won the award for its social media campaigns, the creation of a YouTube channel, and the creation of educational videos in many fields. The award also recognized the creation of a website aimed at introducing students to the club and its activities, and providing registration portals for many important courses in the field of energy, while providing discounts for members.

  •  The Dept. of Electrical Power & Energy Engineering and the IEEE-PES club organized an online workshop, entitled ‘Green Buildings’, with an introduction to leadership in environmental design and energy. The workshop, which was presented via Zoom by Eng. Majd Al-Tarawneh and Eng. Samer Al-Zawaideh, introduced students to the principles of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Jordan’s Green Building Guide.
  • The club held a campaign to clean up an area in Amman as part of an effort to educate citizens about the importance of keeping the environment clean. A video was made and posted on the club's YouTube page.
  •  The club organize a lecture entitled “Fossil Fuel Sources and Renewable Energy” under the supervision of Dr. Omar Al-Obaidi. The focus was on the importance of moving towards renewable sources of energy, as traditional non-renewable sources will be depleted in the future.
  • The club arranged a symposium on "Creative Thinking" in partnership with the Royal Scientific Society, presented by Eng. Elham Erekat.
  •  In 2021, the club won two awards at the global level for the excellent standard of the activities organized by the club during the 2020-2021 academic year.

Note that the club participates annually in this international conference to prominently showcase the image of PSUT in international forums. The conference brings together the most prominent engineers, scientists, experts and energy companies. The two awards are:

1- Best Student Chapter Newsletter

            This award recognizes the club's efforts in writing and issuing the annual bulletin of the club's various achievements and activities during the current academic year.

  1. The award for Best Overall Student Chapter Performance among all university clubs in the world. The PSUT team received this award, which is the best award that can be obtained, in recognition of the many activities and discussion sessions it conducted during the current academic year in the field of power engineering and renewable energy.

  •  A meeting was held via social media sites with the new club administration to introduce the club and its goals. The new administration included: Sandy Michael (president), Buthaina Qteishat (vice president), Nader Abdel Aal (secretary), and Youssef Droubi (treasurer).
  •  The club established a cooperation agreement with the AMC Training Center to provide many workshops, services and consultations to club members in the field of energy.
  •  A Discord server was created to facilitate communication between students and to form an interactive environment that allows them to share their ideas and any other useful information in the field of engineering, environment and energy.
  •  Launching a small project called “Articles by Members” with the aim of publishing four articles per month written by any of the AEE members. The vision of this project is to help those interested in the field of research explore and invest their time writing and researching topics related to power and energy. Note that the full text of the articles is available on the club's official website "".
  • Articles published in August:
  •  Meeting with Eng. Samer Zawaideh, President of AEE in Jordan, to discuss issues related to energy and the association, and to distribute membership certificates to students.
  •  The club arranged with Eng. Samer Zawaideh to give a lecture to students entitled "Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions". The importance of this topic meant that the lecture was very well attended.
  • A workshop was held via Zoom on training and development in the field of solar energy. It was presented by Eng. Alaa Manon from CEM and founder of AMC Training and Consulting, and discussed the importance of gaining experience and working hard to build a good reputation before graduation. He also talked about the courses, certificates and Master's studies that can be obtained in this field.
  •  The club organized a field visit to Izzat Marji site, accompanied by Dr. Ayman Faza. The participants listened to a lecture about green buildings, solar energy systems and the projects they had worked on.
  • Members of the club attended an intensive 5-day workshop at the kind invitation of the Royal Scientific Society, presented by specialized engineers, on extracting energy from waste. It was explained how energy can be extracted in particular from organic materials such as waste, cow dung, etc., as well as other principles and definitions such as principles of waste management, thermochemical conversion, biomass, and bioenergy.
  • The club organized a virtual workshop entitled ‘IoT, AI, and Energy Efficiency’, in cooperation with IEEE PES and PSUT’s Department of Electrical Engineering. The workshop was presented by Mr. Boutros Kawas (CEM, CEA, CMVP, and PMP) and aimed at introducing the latest inventions and technological achievements in artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to achieve the highest energy efficiency in all sectors.
  • Club members offered assistance and advice on technology issues to the UT Dallas Student Club, thanks to the good reputation the club has gained after winning two international awards in 2020.
  •  The club organized a field visit to Techworks in Jordan, a company that provides a space for anyone who wants to turn their ideas into real projects.
  •  The club arranged a webinar entitled ‘Power Quality Analyzer Workshop’ which was presented by Eng. Saddam Al-Ratrout from PSUT’s King Abdullah II School of Engineering. He talked about the Energy Quality Analyzer and ClampMeter and showed how it is used by engineers, starting from data communication to the extraction process for analysis.
  • 10/2/2021 - Organizing the AEE Competition in cooperation with the AEE organization. The competition was about conducting the best energy audits for health care facilities.
  • Organizing a regular meeting for the club's new and old members to discuss the club's vision and future ideas. During the meeting, certificates of appreciation were distributed to the previous year’s members.
  • Club members created a new social network entitled ‘Green Talk on Clubhouse’ where people from around the world gather to talk, listen and learn from each other in real time.
  • The club created an account for AEE PSUT, and started with the topic "Green Talk". The club's annual event was very interactive, and a meeting was held with Mrs. Marwa Mahmoud, a top energy consultant from Holland.
  • Encouraging students to attend the AEE Conference on Energy Efficiency and Transitional Solutions from the Society of Energy Engineers.
  • Screening of a documentary film on Earth Day entitled "Earth Day Campaign".

            The goal of the club was to spread awareness of Earth Day and climate change. The documentary film conveyed several messages; use renewable energy, learn to live with nature, stop wasting resources, stop destroying forests, and stop using single-use plastics.

  • Webinar entitled ‘The Future of Decarbonization’. Many different technologies were discussed for reducing the amount of carbon emitted into the atmosphere such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, hydrogen fuels, decarbonization.
  • A webinar entitled The Future of Sustainability addressed what sustainability is, why it is important and how to achieve it, as well as discussing the consequences of climate change on our daily lives, especially in Egypt and Jordan. The webinar was presented by Eng. Marwa Mahmoud, an environmental engineer and consultant on climate change and energy.
  • A meeting entitled "How to Start Your Own Business" was held with prominent speakers Odai Baqaeen and Fadi Deabes who talked about the millennial generation and they should start thinking outside the box. They also shared some of their stories with the audience about how to start a project.
  • Club members received a partial scholarship under the title AEE Certifications giving access to courses that are of great value to all energy students as they offer an opportunity to learn about the energy market, different energy tools and energy analysis.
  • Recycling campaign: In an effort to raise awareness and serve the University, recycling bins were distributed around the PSUT campus and a lot of paper was recycled.