Arts Activities Office


Embracing and developing student artistic creativity and raising the artistic level in its various fields.



  • Recruiting students with creative artistic talents and providing the necessary support for their development.
  • Supporting and developing students' creative abilities in artistic fields by providing the necessary support and facilities.
  • Supporting extracurricular activities organized by the university by providing distinguished artistic presentations.
  • Representing the university locally and internationally by participating in celebrations and arts events both nationally and abroad.



  • Forming performance arts groups (musical ensemble, Dabkeh and folklore troupe), and others.
  • Providing logistical support to performance arts groups and the necessary training throughout the academic year.
  • Organizing arts events and participating in celebrations and events organized by the university.

It includes many performance arts teams, namely:

  • PSUT's Theater Group
  • The PSUT Musical Ensemble
  • The PSUT Folklore Ensemble (Dabkeh)
  • The PSUT Group for Fine Arts and Free Drawing
  • The PSUT Ensemble for Imaging Technology