Data Analysis

Data Analysis Track 

Massive amounts of data are collected in almost every corner of the world, and they become the new strategic mechanisms for intelligent businesses. This course covers both foundational knowledge and more advanced practical skills about data processing and analysis. It explores the use of, and techniques used in, exploratory, descriptive, and predictive analytics. Combining technical and statistical skills, analytical thinking, and business acumen, it helps you to harness the power of data analytics.
Course Outline:
1- Introduction to data analytics and data science
2- SQL
3- Python for Data Science
4- Data types and data quality issues
5- Data pre-processing
6- Exploratory data analysis
7- Association rules
8- Clustering
9- Decision tree
10- Linear regression
11- Bayes model and classifier
12- Artificial Neural Networks
13- Data Visualization using Tableau
14- Data Visualization using Power BI
15- Information retrieval
16- Traps and tricks
17- Course Review
18- Hands On Project

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