About Public Relations and Media

The Public Relations and Media Department (PRMD) is the liaison between the university and the institutions of the local community. The department mainly aims to cover the university's news and activities in the media, publicize the academic status of the university, and strengthen its ties with the society sectors and bodies. In addition, the department plays an active role in building a network between the university and other academic regional and international institutions. PRMD also provides the logistics for carrying out academic activities such as seminars, conferences and workshops, as well as extracurricular activities such as exhibitions, celebrations and meetings. Moreover, it facilitates the delegations’ visits to the university, and arranges their reception in the best manner. Furthermore, the department is responsible for PSUT’s brand, since all publications are issued through PRMD only.

In terms of media, the department is responsible for showing the university in a decent image locally and internationally. It also highlights PSUT’s achievements and activities in the radio, television and newspapers so as to cover the events that the university organizes or is invited to. It, then, sets up reports and press news on these events. In addition, the department issues PSUT’s magazine to cover the most important news and achievements that were made during the semester.

Through social media, PRMD tries to reach out for the external community through introducing PSUT and all its activities and events, and enriching cooperation with PSUT success partners through the university's social media pages.

 In the field of the services provided for foreign students, the department is concerned with issuing entry visas for students wishing to enroll in the university and circulating their names at border centers, issuing entry visas, work and residence permit for non-Jordanian faculty members, issuing, renewing and transferring residence permits for non-Jordanian students, and working on the transfer of students from other universities to PSUT. In addition, the PRMD issues travel visas for the teaching and administrative staff, following up the processing of the required documents, and facilitating the procedures for receiving cultural exchange students and their residence in Jordan.

Thus, the department reflects the events and activities that take place in the university. It presents a bright image of the high level that PSUT enjoys and the prestigious position it has achieved among universities.