About the International Relations Unit

In response to a new strategy that puts expanding global relations at the top of the university's priorities, PSUT's International Relations Unit (IRU) was founded. The goal of this strategy is to build institutional capacity and a culture of internationalization through the exchange of knowledge and best practices. This resulted from the understanding that all of the diverse university portfolios are impacted by internationalization.

The International Relations Unit is responsible for managing the university's agreements, endowments, study abroad and academic exchange programs, mobility scholarships, and services for overseas students and scholars. Additionally, it oversees Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) and is constantly seeking new international connections and partnerships. The Unit also carries out a number of activities which include the organization of quality conferences, workshops and seminars which complement its main role as a key driver of internationalization strategies for the university.

Strong international connections greatly assist PSUT's ability to innovate and allow it to create valuable research and exchange agreements that provide access to resources, knowledge and expertise from the greatest institutions around the world.

International Relations is thrilled to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion by attracting international students and researchers to campus, sending students abroad, encouraging international partnerships, and offering international programming.

IRU Functions

  1. Developing a culture of internationalization through cooperative regional actions.
  2. Providing appropriate knowledge, means, and methods to improve internationalization actions of MEDA partner country institutions.
  3. Creating a recognized regional network for good practice transfer.
  4. Managing external projects for the university - monitoring of all agreements and Memoranda of Understanding (MOU).
  5. Maintaining the university’s international contacts.
  6. Supervising and counseling guest researchers, lecturers, and international students who plan to carry out their studies or research at PSUT.
  7. Advising PSUT students who wish to study or join internship programs abroad.



  • Coordination and implementation of all activities related to the establishment and maintenance of exchange agreements with universities abroad.
  • Providing administrative support for the exchange of students and faculty members with universities abroad.
  • Receiving exchange students from PSUT partner institutions abroad and organizing their study programs.



  • Processing of applications from PSUT students who wish to study abroad.
  • Processing applications from international students wishing to visit and register at PSUT.
  • Providing academic advice, arranging summer school activities, and helping to arrange suitable accommodation for international students.


  1. Gathering and maintaining a database of all courses offered in the Arabic language at PSUT.
  2. Providing information to PSUT faculty and students about agreements with partner universities.
  3. Creating brochures and guides for PSUT use and external stakeholders about the university and its academic and non-academic services.
  4. Maintaining a library of course catalogs, information brochures, and other material from partner institutions.
  5. Maintaining a searchable database of travel reports prepared by PSUT students.
  6. Maintaining up-to-date reference material on international study programs, including scholarships.
  7. Establishing and developing an internationalization culture through cooperative regional actions.