About The Training Center


The Center for Consultancy and Training was founded in 2009 to support the university’s vision by creating and providing courses to further students’ knowledge in all facets of computer applications and offer training in the disciplines offered by the university. The Center oversees the specialized training that supports the academic activities of the university and helps graduates prepare for their career path and the labor market by earning professional certifications in particular fields. It holds various courses as a service to the local community and carries out specialized training for government institutions and departments. The Center aims to provide excellent services in the field of ICT training and consulting, in line with PSUT's vision, mission and objectives.

Our objective is to set the benchmark for the field by providing cutting-edge training courses that are both consistent with international standards and have the greatest added value.

Our duties:


  1. Holding specialized courses to serve the local community.

  2. Preparing participants to obtain professional licensed certificates in certain disciplines.

  3. Holding courses for government and semi-governmental institutions in fields related to IT, communications, engineering, and business management.

  4. Contracting with distinguished training companies to carry out their activities through the university, which enjoys an excellent academic reputation.

  5. Organizing training courses and workshops to develop the participants’ capabilities, expertise, and academic and professional qualifications.

  6. Contributing to the development of human resources through the holding of courses, workshops, educational programs, and special examinations to build and develop the technical capabilities of members of the workforce. Furthermore, the Center works on developing PSUT employees' technical capabilities to expand the university's potential in providing services to the community. The ultimate aim is to invest the capabilities and energies of the qualified academic and technical staff present within the university, with the concentration on providing specialized courses to enable the university’s students and employees, as well as the local community, to keep abreast of and be capable of handling all the latest technological advancements.

  7. Keeping abreast of scientific and technical developments in all fields and presenting them in the best possible manner.

  8. Utilizing local creative energies, capabilities, and human resources in carrying out the Center's programs and activities.

  9. Monitoring the type and quality of training courses.

  10. The Center also prepares PSUT graduates to compete in the labor market by providing them with the necessary skills, along with crucial support, training, and opportunities to earn qualifications, and giving an overall awareness of the demands of the labor market.